SINGAPORE ranks 1th in travel freedom among Southeast Asian countries

Henley & Partners, a firm that studies citizenship and residency visa issues, has announced that Singapore ranks first in travel freedom among countries in Southeast Asia.

The data was announced in the firm’s 2017 visa restriction index, which was created in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The index measures the number of countries a particular country’s citizens can visit on a free-visa policy.

Currently, the Indonesian passport enables its holders to travel to 57 countries on a .

The rank shows that Indonesia’s travel freedom is lower than that of Timor Leste, which sits in fourth place with access to 83 countries on a free-visa policy.

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Singapore tops the index with access to 173 countries on a free-visa policy, followed by Malaysia with access to 164 countries.

In addition, Henley & Partners stated that more and more individuals are living and doing business on an international scale.

“Residency visas and dual citizenship are becoming increasingly attractive options,” the firm said in an official statement as quoted by

According to the firm, additional passports could be the solution to unlocking travel potential for citizens from countries with fewer visa waiver agreements.

“This second passport gives a business person access to the global market, which in turn creates opportunities for growth,” the firm said.

Top 10 ranking

Singapore – 173
Malaysia – 164
Brunei – 151
Timor – 83
Thailand – 71
Philippines – 61
Indonesia – 57
Cambodia – 48
Laos – 48
Vietnam – 45
Myanmar – 41


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