15 March D-Day in the Netherlands


21 March is D-Day in the Netherlands.

The Dutch people go #Voting for a new government and ‘The House’ (2e kamer)
The majority is sick of the corrupt sitting government.
The all puppets from the also corrupt EU (Brussel)

The EU is a corrupt group of Elite not voted people.

The current government do nothing what the has promised in their election program
The only grab and grab and give all the dutch tax money to the corrupt wrong elite.

The most bad and corrupt premier minister ever

The now sitting premier minister is a real corrupt (VVD) clown.
It is not normal what the man make for mistakes, all in favor for the corrupt elite.

Other corrupt party leaders and ministers are (Top 3 Clowns)
Diederik Samson (ex-Greenpeace activist) PVDA
Alexander Pechtold (menber of the nazi Bilderberg Group) D66
Mark Rutte (Premier Minister) VVD

Hopefully the majority #Vote on D-Day for the right and strong people to clean up the mess in the Netherlands.

Close and check all borders. and not let more fake economic refugees inside the country.
Enough is Enough.


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