Finally a Social Network that Pays you.

It is a gorgeous morning here in Portimao, Portugal a good day for making a video. In the past 24 hours we have had big growth in member numbers this is about to happen more and more each day. Many of your friends are joining and being placed under other people.

I am about to do a Facebook live broadcast explaining how you can take advantage of all this by taking action today.

Now is your day basically. I have been diligently adding all of your names to the binary tree. You need to make relationships with the people who have been placed in your team and to work together with them to recruit.

Even without paying you will still have people added below you but we will give priority to premium members.

For the month of February we are building a temporary tree. On March 1 we will review it and people who have paid will retain their positions and be paid out their commissions up to that date. People who have not paid will drop down to the bottom of the tree and will not be paid any commissions. From then on we will run a similar system monthly for all of 2017 and see how it works out.

Our various features in the site are being gradually updated and improved. Please do not even expect very much to work perfectly yet. We are still very much building an extremely clever website. It is not for the faint hearted believe me. We are hiring our first ever designer and user interface specialist and some new programmers and social media support and help desk people. Today is the best day to take your chance with this. We will always refund every cent that you spend here so please do not see this as any kind of financial risk.

I suggest that you keep your message simple.Once you pay you will activate a link like this with your Crowdify username / Twitter handle instead of mine. Just tell people this. Use this banner if you wish or make your own.

Get paid with me now get paid for posting photos and blogs and for inviting people with me now on Crowdify at

You may think that I have talked a lot about money here. Well that is because money is energy. Energy will be required to fund and support and promote the startups we decide to run campaigns for. Right now we are doing our first one and there will be more soon. Together we will be strong. The power of the crowd.

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To your success

Invite, teach to use the site and then teach to invite. Easy right?

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