5 Ultimate Travel Destinations for Animal Lovers

1/ Island full of rabbits

Okunoshima is a Japanese island where tens of thousands of rabbits live. On the island are not allowed dogs and hunters, the rabbits are sacred. You can just stroking, because they do not scare of people.

2/ Island full of cats

We stay here in Japan. Bunnies are not quite your thing, but you love cats, then you have to be on another island. Tashirojima is full of street cats.

3/ Swimming with pigs

In the Bahamas you can swim with piglets. Pig Beach is a beach on Big Major Cay, an uninhabited island. Not quite uninhabited, because this island is home to dozens of pigs, who just like to take a dip in the azure waters.

4/ Hundreds of dogs

In the Scottish Invernesshire find this Golden Retriever Festival annually in July. About 222 golden retrievers and their owners come to the festival. The breed comes from Scotland and therefore stood here annually at. During the festival there is a dog show, dinner and dancing there.

5/ Spotting deer

We also close the list off in Japan. This country shows heaven on earth for anyone who likes located between animals. Nara Park, you’ll find more than a thousand deer that just walking around the streets, on the market, you see them everywhere.

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