Netherlands – Holiday Fair in danger

The survival of the annual Tourism Fair in Utrecht has seriously entered the danger zone.
Again there last five days fewer visitors came than in previous years.

The travel fair attracted in 2017 for the first time in years less than 110,000 visitors. Last year there were more than 120,000.
In the boom years the number was 190,000 people according to a spokesman.

The exhibition management will see in their own words how to do it differently. A day trip is still an important driver of visitors, but more and more exhibitors who have to pay a lot of money to stand at the fair, questioning the usefulness and necessity of a physical meeting.

It is expected that the Internet is a big part of the needs of tourists to take to travel information and advice. The holiday atmosphere at a trade show decreases in relevancy off, experts say.

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One thought on “Netherlands – Holiday Fair in danger”

  1. First of all, a day on the Holiday Fair is a extensive experience.
    When you must buy a expensive ticket, and pay a overcharged parking ticket for your car, and on the fair the food and drinks are priceless, you go think twice for you go again.

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