This is how Thai students think expats see Thailand (Video)

Water boxing, riding “beautiful elephants” in a commercial elephant camp, and grabbing a quick bite of fried bugs and Pad Thai on the street are what a group of award-winning students think expats love about Thailand.

This homemade video by five Communication Arts students at Nation University, in the northern province of Lampang, won first prize in the government-sponsored contest “Through the eyes of foreigners: Youth’s reflection on the image of Thailand.”

Their three-minute video was awarded THB50,000 cash by the National Legislative Assembly.

According to the announcement that called for submissions, the project was a chance for young Thais between the ages of 15-25 to present a story that reflects their perception of the expat community towards Thailand and paint a picture why they think those foreigners chose to settle down in the land of smiles.

And the result is in: VIDEO

The video by winning team “Kapook Creator” was released to the public by the National Legislative Assembly last night — it offers an interesting look at what the government and Thais think expats are interested in.

Nukul Kammin, a third-year advertising major who was the cameraman for the project, said his group was inspired by the music video “Bangkok City” by Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium, which might remind you of Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind.”

Asked how he thinks expats see Thailand, the junior said: “Just like in the video. Travel, culture, massage, world-famous Muay Thai, food, elephants, I think these are why foreigners came to Thailand.”

“I didn’t expect we’d win. I think our video is pretty cool, but I thought we’d only get experience, not an award,” the filmmaker said.

Adviser to the project Ajarn Chinnagrit Udomlappaisan commented that it was more about the opportunity for his students to develop a video with a set of instructions.

“The project gave the kids an opportunity to think how they would present Thainess within a limited time,” Chinnagrit said.


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