Indonesia – Youth organization to help promote tourism in East Java

Generasi Pesona Indonesia (Indonesian Charms Generation) or GenPI is an organization of youth volunteers who aim to promote tourism in their respective localities through social media.

Partnering with the Tourism Ministry, GenPI has established five local chapters across Indonesia.

A sixth to be added to the list is that of East Java, which will make an official debut at the Majapahit Travel Fair 2017 this May.

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“Tourism is the future of this nation and allows Indonesia to compete globally,” said the winner of the 2016 Raki Jatim beauty pageant, Tita Oxa Anggrea. “There are plenty of ideas and concepts to promote local tourism that can be implemented via social media.”


T. Tahmadi, a member of the ministry’s team tasked with speeding up the development of ten priority destinations, noted how the internet impacted the tourism industry. “Everything is becoming digital nowadays, from searching for information to booking hotels. One of the things Lombok did to win the 2016 World Halal Tourism Awards was to conduct promotions through social media; thus, I encourage everyone to post photos and videos of their tourist destinations on social media.”

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Fresh whale stranding on notorious New Zealand beach

volunteers guide stranded Pilot whales back out to sea during a mass stranding at Farewell Spit on February1 1, 2017. More than 400 whales were stranded on a New Zealand beach on February 10/ AFP

FAREWELL SPIT, New Zealand – Rescuers defied a shark threat to form a human chain in a New Zealand bay on Saturday in a bid to keep another 200 whales from becoming stranded a day after hundreds died in a mass beaching.

About 150 people waded out up to their necks at Farewell Spit in the northwest of the South Island to form the human wall as they also guided some 100 survivors from Friday’s beaching away from the shore.

Environmental group Project Jonah, which is assisting with the rescue mission, described the new arrivals as “a super pod” which “swam into the bay and within 20 metres of the human chain.

“This pod joined up with the refloated whales of which almost 100 joined the larger pod,” the organization said in a statement.

Andrew Lamason, regional operations manager for the Department of Conservation (DOC) told AFP the focus was on preventing the whales from reaching a beach already littered with more than 300 dead whales.

The pod was trying to access the area where 416 pilot whales were stranded overnight Thursday, with about 70 per cent already dead when they were found on Friday morning.

Lamason said they needed to have the survivors far away from the shore before the evening low tide.

“They are moving along the spit. They are still in shallow water and we have three boats out there trying to turn them,” he said.

“We have 100 who’ve gone out and they’ve been joined by another 200 so that’s a total of 300 whales out there.”

DOC ranger Mike Ogle told Radio New Zealand the whales could have been frightened into the shallows by a shark.

One whale had been found with bite wounds and great white sharks were known to be in the area off Farewell Spit, he said.

“There’s one carcass out there with some shark bites in it – but not a big one, just a small one, but quite fresh bites so yeah, there’s something out there.”

Hundreds of volunteers mobilised to help the rescue operation with many working to comfort the stranded animals and keep them cool in the morning heat while they waited to refloat them on the high tide.

Tim Cuff, a marine mammal medic with Project Jonah, told the New Zealand Herald of emotional scenes over the mass deaths.

“It’s a pretty sad scene up on the beach where there’s a long line of dead whales,” he said.

“One German girl didn’t really want to leave her whale. She was crying and had her hand on it.”

DOC officials said the carcasses would either be tethered and towed out to sea, or left to decompose in the sand dunes.

Farewell Spit, about 150 kilometres (95 miles) west of the tourist town of Nelson, is notorious for whale strandings and has witnessed at least nine mass beachings in the past decade.

“If you designed something to catch whales then Golden Bay is probably the perfect design,” Lamason said.

Pilot whales grow up to six metres (20 feet) long and are the most common species of whale in New Zealand waters.

Source: TheNation

What is wrong with all the Sub-Googles

What is wrong with all these (Sub)-Googles ?
Like Google Adsense, Google my Business, Google Maps, Google Local Guides, ….

Do the work with amateurs, volunteers, students or assholes ?
Or the not have any interest in their work ?
The not have Professional programmers ?

1/ Let we start with Google my Business. @googlemybiz
We stay in a 5 floor building with several companies.
With many difficulties we get 3 verified.
All 4 get their own business Page, but without a good Google-domain-name ?
The 4th a trading company was verified, but canceled without any reason.
We complain on twitter and the responded to fix this, but without results.
The not answer more or fall in sleep.
Terrible !!!

2/ Than Google Maps @googlemaps
The hanging on Google my business, but not real accept what you add.
Every-time the change the location by their own.
You must every-time check again because the move the marker (arrow) by their own.
This is real shit.
Customers can not find you after the change it wrong.

3/ Than Google Local Guides @localguides
I was in, but the block me.
A group of members ask to set-up local guide meetings (in Bangkok)
I answer: that’s easy that can in my restaurant.
The moderator say that’s adverting, but we must make meetings on the street like tramps ?
One time someone ask me about the bombing that time in Bangkok, and I write it is safe to travel. And same minute the block me.
The worsted is I lose my google map points.

4/ Google Adsense @AdSense
I change my address a year a go in their system.
I must do that to become my pin number to verified and pay out.
The send over and over the pin to the old address.
Now the so far the stop add on my websites.
Do the sleep or the are so very lazy or stupid ?

I come back on Google Maps
There is also a Google MyMaps but not one of my verified business stay on this MyMaps
Only some fake maps there the not belong in this map.

Real appreciated !

You see today (15-01) again the marker/arrow NOT stay on the address.
The marker stay more than 100 meter of the address in the middle of a park.
In another Soi/street.

The need real professional programmers, or wake-up.

When you make a Facebook Page with your Address, the use and what ?
The address and marker stay correct on the right place ! WoW

We post this earlier, but NO response

Please Wake-Up Google
Thank you