The most attractive holiday destinations

When it comes to vacation destinations, everyone has his or her own preferences, of course. A helping hand can of course be useful, so has the World Economic Forum made a list of the most attractive holiday destinations in the world.

The researchers are looking at issues such as safety, nature, infrastructure, health and value. This has resulted in the following top ten:

1/ Spain
2/ France
3/ Germany
4/ Japan
5/ Great-Britain
6/ United States
7/ Australia
8/ Italy
9/ Canada
10/ Switzerland


Will The CIA Assassinate Trump?

Submitted by Mac Slavo via, It isn’t just that Donald Trump routinely thumbs his nose at the establishment, insults media figures he sees as unfair and bucks conventional wisdom. It is that President-elect Trump is defying the will of the deep state, military industrial complex base of ultimate power in the United States. That […]

via Will The CIA Assassinate Trump?

USA Ambassador to SYRIA petition

Aren’t Ambassador positions are reserved for favors, asked a friend?
My friend, as you know, this “Syria” situation is very fluid, NO ONE WANTS IT now!
So my odds of succeeding are very good, this campaign is going to help a lot…
If nothing else the comments and the page is a nice resume…
It is more about that and I would be honored if you could sign and leave a
comment to a friend who values your friendship…
Never mind the Politics of it, I am a Libertarian Ron Paul style…
Well read into the constitution and the importance of the bill of rights.
Syria is in need of my HONEST AMERICAN advice
(I hope to become a contributing observer as they craft the constitution)!

I want to convey the honesty and sincerity of Washington,
the cleverness and Witt of Jeferson!
Did you know that Madison sat on almost every discussion about the constitution?
Did you know that Hamilton loved and respected Washington and he, Washington, treated him like a son?
the intensity of the mission and how well they treated it…
Besides, I know where to build the embassy, how to keep it safe, how to employ everyone growing organic food…
All I have to do is have pilots and ships haul the fruits and vegetables to USA Markets.
I promised USA 100 * times its investment and I plan to GUARANTEE THIS PROMISE…




Famous ‘tunnel tree’ felled by rain

SACRAMENTO – One of the most famous trees in the United States collapsed after heavy rain storms.

The Pioneer Cabin tree has fallen! This iconic and still living tree – the tunnel tree – enchanted many visitors. The storm was just too much for it.

The huge Seqoia in Calaveras Big Trees Nature Park was a popular destination for tourists because a tunnel was made by the tribe. The hole was so big that a car could drive through and was carved 137 years ago.

Another photo from this morning at the Pioneer Cabin Tree shows the #21 sign that goes with the trail guide, along with the huge roots that were yanked out the ground. The tree will most likely remain where it fell, providing habitat for many creatures and slowly decomposing to improve the soil for future sequoias. Photo’s by Claudia Beymer

The last storm, the worst in a decade in the area, the more than thousand year old tree was eventually fatal, the park announced on Facebook.