Indonesia – Youth organization to help promote tourism in East Java

Generasi Pesona Indonesia (Indonesian Charms Generation) or GenPI is an organization of youth volunteers who aim to promote tourism in their respective localities through social media.

Partnering with the Tourism Ministry, GenPI has established five local chapters across Indonesia.

A sixth to be added to the list is that of East Java, which will make an official debut at the Majapahit Travel Fair 2017 this May.

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“Tourism is the future of this nation and allows Indonesia to compete globally,” said the winner of the 2016 Raki Jatim beauty pageant, Tita Oxa Anggrea. “There are plenty of ideas and concepts to promote local tourism that can be implemented via social media.”


T. Tahmadi, a member of the ministry’s team tasked with speeding up the development of ten priority destinations, noted how the internet impacted the tourism industry. “Everything is becoming digital nowadays, from searching for information to booking hotels. One of the things Lombok did to win the 2016 World Halal Tourism Awards was to conduct promotions through social media; thus, I encourage everyone to post photos and videos of their tourist destinations on social media.”

Source – TheJakartaPost

Twitter eases 140-character limit in replies

Twitter has found more creative ways to ease its 140-character limit without officially raising it.

Now, the company says that when you reply to someone — or to a group — usernames will no longer count toward those 140 characters. This will be especially helpful with group conversations, where replying to two, three or more users at a time could be especially difficult with the character constraints.

When users reply, the names of the people they are replying to will be on top of the text of the actual tweet, rather than a part of it.

Last year, Twitter said it would stop counting photos, videos, quote tweets, polls and GIF animations toward the character limit. Twitter also said it would stop counting usernames, but the change did not go into effect until now.

Twitter, which has been struggling to attract new users, has been trying to appeal to both proponents and opponents by sticking to the current limit while allowing more freedom to express thoughts, or rants, through images and other media.

Twitter’s character limit was created so that tweets could fit into a single text message, back in the heyday of SMS messaging. But now, most people use Twitter through its mobile app. There isn’t the same technical constraint, just a desire on Twitter’s part to stay true to its roots.

Of course, there are ways to get around the limit , such as sending out multi-part tweets, or taking screenshots of text typed elsewhere.

Source – TheJakartaPost


Facebook celebrates International Women’s Day with a global live campaign

In Asia-Pacific, 97 per cent of businesses are SMEs and employ over half of the region’s workforce. 

But the region is still missing out on a potential US$89 billion (Bt3.1 billion) by failing to address the challenges women face in starting their own businesses.

Women entrepreneurship has the potential to create more jobs, boost economic growth and diversify Asia’s small business community. 

Facebook is excited for Apac’s women entrepreneurs and have seen a 94-per-cent increase in new women-owned SME Pages.

However, women entrepreneurs still face barriers – from cultural to financial, to an overarching lack of confidence to start and grow their business.

On March 8, International Women’s Day, Facebook is reaffirming its commitment to women entrepreneurs. 

Its SheMeansBusiness initiative, which was launched last year and has now trained more than 8,000 women entrepreneurs in 15 countries and more than 50,000 online, will continue as it works with its partners and experts to create learning and skills opportunities to support women entrepreneurs as it strives to create a level playing field for their businesses to thrive.

To inspire more women across the region to take the leap and help close the gap, Facebook is asking everyone around the world to go Live on Facebook or Instagram on March 8. 

Go Live and shine a light on the women entrepreneurs in your life and tag #SheMeansBusiness.

Along with Sheryl Sandberg, other influencers and supporters of women’s empowerment will participate in IWD Facebook Live series on March 8. 

Thai influencers who will go Live on Facebook to share their opinions on women in business and society include Rarin Thongma, founder and managing director of Otherandbook, a O&B brand. 

A young fashion entrepreneur who turned a $3,000 investment into a business worth more than $7 million by selling shoes online will go Live on at 12.30pm.

Source: TheNation

You can now upload multiple photos to Instagram

Over the past couple of years, only advertisers on Instagram have been able to upload multiple pictures at once, leaving the rest of us to pick only the best picture or two to represent our last event, birthday or holiday to keep from spamming our follower’s feeds.

After some comments here and there about the photo carousel feature being released to the public, it has finally happened. According to Instagram’s blog, users will now be able to upload 10 photos and videos per post. 

“You no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember,” the company announced. “Now, you can combine up to 10 photos and videos in one post and swipe through to see them all.”

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The carousel feature will work similarly to Instagram’s Stories, but instead of disappearing after 24 hours, it will remain on a user’s profile. 

To upload multiple pictures, just tap the stacked photos icon and select which pictures you want to include. From there you can edit and reorder your photos, but can only add one caption and location per post.

The feature will roll out on both iOS and Android devices over the next few weeks. (sul/kes)

Source: TheJakartaPost

Popular YouTubers can now stream live from cell phones

In a move against Facebook’s streaming service Facebook Live, YouTube has rolled out the ability to live-stream from mobile devices for creators with 10,000 or more subscribers.

In a blog post, the company stated that the service would be easily accessible from the YouTube app, adding that its features had been tested by “hundreds of creators to refine the mobile streaming experience”. Based on their feedback, live chats were slowed and streaming quality was boosted. 

The feature will also allow creators to monetize their live streams, starting with Super Chat. This would allow viewers and fans to highlight and pin their messages in live chats for a fee, with the hope that it would catch creators’ attention. “Super Chat is like paying for that front-row seat in the digital age,” YouTube said.

YouTube has supported live streaming since 2011 and hosted the most watched political live-streams of all time, the 2016 US presidential debates. But the site had previously not supported mobile streams, unlike Facebook’s Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope, as reported by Reuters

According to YouTube, the live streams will share the same features as YouTube’s regular videos. “They can be searched for, found via recommendations or playlists, and protected from unauthorized use.” (sul/kes)

Source: TheJakartaPost

What is going on with Facebook ?

What is going on with Facebook ?

Every Morning I do the same ritual !
Start to shower / take a coffee / check my Email / open my Facebook / Go click Likes on my friends postings. (the happy with that)

But now I become a big surprise, the assholes from Facebook not Like it any more, and block me temporary for clicking Likes (I don’t know for how long)

Fakebook go already down (every idiot can see that) because the fucking Filters.
And we hear that also from many friends.

It is relay time to go post and like on other social media.
The are relay crazy.

This make me mad.

When you use to complain / and click on “Let us know” You use your time !
The NOT response.

Finally a Social Network that Pays you.

It is a gorgeous morning here in Portimao, Portugal a good day for making a video. In the past 24 hours we have had big growth in member numbers this is about to happen more and more each day. Many of your friends are joining and being placed under other people.

I am about to do a Facebook live broadcast explaining how you can take advantage of all this by taking action today.

Now is your day basically. I have been diligently adding all of your names to the binary tree. You need to make relationships with the people who have been placed in your team and to work together with them to recruit.

Even without paying you will still have people added below you but we will give priority to premium members.

For the month of February we are building a temporary tree. On March 1 we will review it and people who have paid will retain their positions and be paid out their commissions up to that date. People who have not paid will drop down to the bottom of the tree and will not be paid any commissions. From then on we will run a similar system monthly for all of 2017 and see how it works out.

Our various features in the site are being gradually updated and improved. Please do not even expect very much to work perfectly yet. We are still very much building an extremely clever website. It is not for the faint hearted believe me. We are hiring our first ever designer and user interface specialist and some new programmers and social media support and help desk people. Today is the best day to take your chance with this. We will always refund every cent that you spend here so please do not see this as any kind of financial risk.

I suggest that you keep your message simple.Once you pay you will activate a link like this with your Crowdify username / Twitter handle instead of mine. Just tell people this. Use this banner if you wish or make your own.

Get paid with me now get paid for posting photos and blogs and for inviting people with me now on Crowdify at

You may think that I have talked a lot about money here. Well that is because money is energy. Energy will be required to fund and support and promote the startups we decide to run campaigns for. Right now we are doing our first one and there will be more soon. Together we will be strong. The power of the crowd.

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To your success

Invite, teach to use the site and then teach to invite. Easy right?

Message for Facebook: your filters bring you down.

We all go seen that Facebook go down.
The use to many #Filters.
Not any weblink been seen or liked on the mainstream.

The only what the want, you must post on a Business Page, with the option to pay to become visitors.
We do a lot of research with more ‘Social Media Experts’, what for alternative we have.

We see already new interesting websites coming with no sanctions or filters.

We keep you informed

You want more information about business posting, send us an Email


Thailand – Free period for Pattaya-Hua Hin ferry extended

The free ferry service across the Gulf of Thailand between Pattaya and Hua Hin will be available during the trial period until January 31.

The official ferry service, which was set to begin operations tomorrow, was delayed until the end of the month due to storms in the South. As a result, the ferry operator Royal Passenger Liner announced the change of plans.

Preecha Tantipura, chief executive office of Royal Passenger Liner, reported the period extension to the Marine Department and the postponement of the official launch of the ferry until February.

People who are interested in more details about the ferry service can visit the company’s Facebook page @RoyalPassengerLiner or call +66 38 488999.

Source: The Nation

What is wrong with all the Sub-Googles

What is wrong with all these (Sub)-Googles ?
Like Google Adsense, Google my Business, Google Maps, Google Local Guides, ….

Do the work with amateurs, volunteers, students or assholes ?
Or the not have any interest in their work ?
The not have Professional programmers ?

1/ Let we start with Google my Business. @googlemybiz
We stay in a 5 floor building with several companies.
With many difficulties we get 3 verified.
All 4 get their own business Page, but without a good Google-domain-name ?
The 4th a trading company was verified, but canceled without any reason.
We complain on twitter and the responded to fix this, but without results.
The not answer more or fall in sleep.
Terrible !!!

2/ Than Google Maps @googlemaps
The hanging on Google my business, but not real accept what you add.
Every-time the change the location by their own.
You must every-time check again because the move the marker (arrow) by their own.
This is real shit.
Customers can not find you after the change it wrong.

3/ Than Google Local Guides @localguides
I was in, but the block me.
A group of members ask to set-up local guide meetings (in Bangkok)
I answer: that’s easy that can in my restaurant.
The moderator say that’s adverting, but we must make meetings on the street like tramps ?
One time someone ask me about the bombing that time in Bangkok, and I write it is safe to travel. And same minute the block me.
The worsted is I lose my google map points.

4/ Google Adsense @AdSense
I change my address a year a go in their system.
I must do that to become my pin number to verified and pay out.
The send over and over the pin to the old address.
Now the so far the stop add on my websites.
Do the sleep or the are so very lazy or stupid ?

I come back on Google Maps
There is also a Google MyMaps but not one of my verified business stay on this MyMaps
Only some fake maps there the not belong in this map.

Real appreciated !

You see today (15-01) again the marker/arrow NOT stay on the address.
The marker stay more than 100 meter of the address in the middle of a park.
In another Soi/street.

The need real professional programmers, or wake-up.

When you make a Facebook Page with your Address, the use and what ?
The address and marker stay correct on the right place ! WoW

We post this earlier, but NO response

Please Wake-Up Google
Thank you