900 tourists on the run for forest fires Sicily

Forest fires in the extreme northwest of Sicily forced nine hundred people into the sea today. They were evacuated from the tourist coastal town of Calampiso. Italian media reported that tourists drove by boat to the larger San Vito lo Capo and were taken to school buildings.

It is very hot with temperatures of 35 to 37 degrees and the last days are reported on many places on the island. Firefighters and other emergency services have not been called so many times for help in the past ten years, because of fire. Italian media reported that ‘Sicily is on fire’ with fireplaces in 125 different places.


Most fires are lit, said a local. “Often they arise on overgrown cornfields where the owners no longer look around. Then a small fire has been swept over to the neighbors. “According to the spokesman, Italians are supposed to provide so-called fire brigades, barriers that stop burning. “It’s an obligation, but not everyone loves it.”

Also on the Italian mainland in the vicinity of Naples, there are many forest fires. A veil of smog hangs over the city. The fires lie mainly around Mount Vesuvius.

In the last days, the fire in Sicily is no longer under control. © AFP

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