Affiliate commissions

What are the first words come up in your mind, when we talk about Affiliates

1/ Manipulated
2/ Corruption
3/ Criminals
4/ Fake
5/ …….

The most are smooth talkers, but 99% use you for there own benefits.

The most programs are on the ”stock market” and are from the same group or work together.

There also programs the never pay-out.

Or have a pay-out limit from 50 or 100$ what not can be reached (manipulated)

Than about the support service – We self had last week a big problem with AGODA – The really not like to resolve inside problems.

There is not a top 3 or top 10 of the most worsted program, the all has there own problems. The are protected their selfs so, that the benefits go to the shareholders and not to you.

We have  examined over a year many of these affiliate programs, and the result where disgusting. 

And than we become on Social Media – Facebook is the most worsted of all – The use to must filters to use and benefits there own money. – Daily to much pop-ups and messages to boost your (affiliate) business links, show your links until you payed for – what a shame.



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