#Facebook Messenger Lite comes to 132 countries

In an effort to further expand its Messenger service, Facebook has launched Messenger Lite in 132 new countries.

Messenger Lite is a low-bandwidth version of the original Messenger service that targets Android smartphones that have limited memory and processing power. The service was originally released in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela last October. 

As explained by David Marcus, Facebook’s vice president for messaging products, in this post, the service aims to “make sure that everyone can have a great experience with Messenger irrespective of the age of their smartphone.”


“This is why today we’re making Messenger Lite available in 132 additional countries including Germany, Colombia, Italy, Vietnam, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Turkey, Japan, Taiwan and the Netherlands.” 

While neither Facebook Lite or Messenger Lite currently have the augmented reality camera effects that have made Snapchat so popular and that the main Facebook apps are currently trying to emulate, they’re on their way with Facebook Lite and are likely close behind for its Messenger counterpart, according to The Verge.

Source – TheJakartaPost

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