Go back in time with Meditation (1)

Go back in time with Meditation (1)

Many  years back (about 2003) I meet a guy on a golf course, Panya Park  in Minburi, near Bangkok.
I’m not a golfer, but my staff, play golf with my customers. (My former company, Isaan-Tours)
I was in a restaurant and talk there (later hear that) with a doctor .

In the years about 2010 we are with a big group every Friday afternoon together.
One man in this group was/is a Dutch TV-producer / composer.
He has followed me a long time and said, you are a remarkable man.
You have seen so many and doing in your life.
In this years there was an special program on TV, with remarkable people.
He ask and invite me to one of these broadcastings.
He ask me to write all on paper over the past years, and want give it to a producer.

But times going.

Now a few weeks back I meet accidentally the doctor from the past (golf course) again in Bangkok.

We speak what happened with me in 2012/13 and the following up nightmares.
I say, I see in these dreams things from my youth and past.

He offer me to help, and say go writing a book for your self.
It is not needed to publish.
I say I not want writing or publish any book. I’m a victim of a crazy poems-writer. He destroyed my total life.

This doctor is also a psychiatrist.

He say you go buy first a blanco puzzle with 2 or 3000 pieces
And go start numbering in the middle, but with a pencil, not with ink. (you can change it)

Than you search for meditation music on YouTube.
Let the music do the job, and go back in time, and believe (he say) everything come slowly back.

Every morning when you remember  a nightmare, you write it down and make a note, and give it a number (on the puzzle)

He say, it take time, but the puzzle get growing.
It go clear your mind.

Be continued !


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