Spot the differences in before photos of Miss Universe Thailand

Before the glam makeover that prepared her for the world of beauty pageants, Miss Thailand Universe 2016 was an ordinary, adorable girl next door.

Although she didn’t win the prestigious crown or the title of the fairest woman in the world, Chalita “Namtarn” Suansane was welcomed home yesterday like a national hero — a really hot one. She stole the media spotlight from other beauty queens from the start of the competition with her fierce style and extravagant costumes in 17 suitcases.

Remarkable for her striking cheekbones, tanned skin, and stunning body, Namtarn didn’t always look this smoking hot. We have collected some photos from her earlier days, when she was a smiley girl you might have seen at a shopping mall. Oh, and she wasn’t that tan either.

Now with a new look that fits international beauty standards, let’s play spot the differences in her before and after pictures.

Photos: Namtan Chalita/Facebook

Let it be clear she never deserved to win, because, she can not speak English,
(She has used a interpreter)

What needed for a international career.
How ever she can in front be selected ?


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